Cuba / technological disobedience

Creating the only wifi node in 2 km away from the signal...sharing local live stream concert and podcast downloading to a local

Curation By Biohacking Safari for MIT MediaLab

Joi Ito . Bruce Sterling . Paola Antonelli . Mitch Altman . Lucas Evers . Connor Dickie . Tim Marzulo . Daniel Grushkin . Charles Fracchia . Quiterie Largeteau . Justin Perahala . Luke Iseman . David Kong all reunited at MIT Medialab lounge

Burning Man 2016

When the maker movement collides with the man burning !!

CRISPR engineering Bay Area

By delivering the Cas9 nuclease and appropriate guide RNAs into a cell, the cell's genome can be cut at a desired location, allowing existing genes to be removed and/or new ones added.CRISPRs have been used in concert with specific endonuclease enzymes fo

Aquaponic system - DIY

Collaborative work on how to make a mini aquaponic system for pedagogical purpose and tutorial oriented. We made it at Les Grands Voisins in Paris, check the overview

TV B-Gone

TV Be Gone is a remote control that you learn how to solder and that can turn every TVs off a 50 meters away from you...just press OFF

Open science in Shenzhen's campus

Creative workshop with Tsinghua University (China) and Center for research and transdisciplinary (Paris) students

Tranmediale CTM Music HackLab (Berlin)

We make music with Biofeedbacks - The stimulation of bio-organisms through sensory (aural/visual) and electrical stimulation in feedback loops is presented by programming stimuli in real time and in a definite time-rhythmic sequence — music is art most in

La paillasse Citoyenne

La Paillasse methodology of "barcoding" (DNA extraction) of meat from Lasagnas (Beaf or horse)

Print is not dead Intense week end of prototyping the futur of publication and printing, because PRINT IS NOT DEAD ,here our connected book prototype

Biohacking Academy @ WaaG (Amsterdam)

The biohacking Academy is a short introduction to the world of biohacking, sarting by building the tool necessary to do biology. You can grow your own fuel, food, filaments, pharmaceuticals, fragances, fungi and much more funky bio stuff at home.


Simplon is a school and a social experiment teaching young adults from suburbs who wants to learn coding for free.

Lift conférence atelier

Transdisciplinary event mbetween ixing Conferences & workshops. Let's brainstorm around social changes induced by technologies...

Make it up

Reunion for a long week end with designer, tinkerers, engineers and creative people is all you need to reinvent a non obsolete socety, here our proto:

Club Maté

Cub maté has a strict rule #NoMarketing. Club maté has also been discretly consumed by ravers, punk and hackers from all over the world (ok berlin mainly) Fuck ReydBull and C0la

GET Conference (Boston)

Within a few years millions of people will have their genomic data online. Multiple countries have embarked on mega-cohort initiatives aiming to advance precision medicine and the health of their populations. What are the opportunities to realize social b

Workshop MIT medialab Aaron Swartz

MIT medialab Center for Civic Media is hosting the Aaron Swartz hackathon in partnership with national Aaron Swartz Day. Are you a civic-minded, passionate person with an interest in Open Government, Open Data or Net Neutrality? I am.

FSCONS Swedish Hacker conference

We at Biohacking safari curated and conducted some workshops about basic biology inna hacker conference

Co-living in a Contener warehouse - Oakland

In oakland a collective of engineers/artists and activists build a tiny houses prototyping lab out of conteners
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