Interspecifics / Mexico

Making Noise with biology and non human matter or synthetizers

Underwater drones / Oakland

the openrov warehouse where the underwater drone is builded and tested

MadLab / Manchester

Mad lab for little geniuses only, teach, make, learn pass the knowledge, copy paste

Mediamatic / Amsterdam

Weird center for the futur of growth, especially mushroom, fruits and urban fishes

Favela Science / Rio

Inside a famous favela, a center for the youth try to open a wet lab

Garage biology / Oakland

Silicon valley garage a bunch of bad kids selling consumer kits for self experimenting with GMO

Artisan's asylum

Artisan's asylum, a refuge for all people looking to upgrade their knowledge


Realy neat projects, inspired by Noise bridge and those wearable jewlery

Nomad/Gypsie labs / Brazil

Collective of Biohacker and gambiologists running workshops around brazil

i3 Detroit

Nice and gloomy Hackerspace In the suburb of Detroit city...Gloomy


The Mecca of open space and hacker space in the world, with Mitch Altman

ATX hackerspace

Austin TX hackerspace, slightly going into DIYBIO culture, open PCR etc..

Crash Space LA

Collaborative Research Association of Social Hacktivity (Crash Space)

Aquaponic system - DIY

Workshops on how to make a mini aquaponic systems with reused materials

Decentral Community

Bit Coin community based in Vancouver, I ve met Michael Yamashita from DIYBIO


Maker truck In Vancouver passing around the good old hacking knowledge

VHS Hackerspace

Based in a industrial warehouse area, just knock at the door and enjoy

Victoria Bio-hackerspace

In the beatifull Island of Victoria, near some university, a really interesting lab..

Langton Lab

Todd Huffman created this artist residency, and BIL unconference as well

Les grands Voisins Paris

Squated by Yes we camp, a proper open village in the center of Paris

Hacker Moms

Hacker space for moms and makers in Berkeley.. real Hackers? the spirit is here

Pumping Station One

Maker space based in North Chicago, with a unique tool inside

London Biohack space

Hackerspace ethos, they have a biolab with first security level for GMOs

NYC resistor

Hackerspace few blocs away from Genspace, first ever Makerbot created

CRISPR engineering Bay Area

CRISPR workshop, modifying DNA samples in Oakland California

Burning Man 2016

When the maker movement collides with the man burning !!


For Baltimore Underground Science Space ... and alot more to come


Small community of Student and Artists interested in DIYBIO (Harvard)

hong kong Permacultures

In hongKong close to the Chinese border and Shenzen Just be amazed


Most well-characterized people on earth, and researchers who wish to study them.

Hacker farm / Tokyo

In Chiba region a hacker community is taking over a all village

Waag Society - AMsterdam

Wet lab and first fab lab in Europe with interdisciplinary team and design ethos

Backyard Brain / Chile

Collective of neuroscientists and hackers playing with cockroach and microscopia

Workshop MIT medialab Aaron Swartz

MIT medialab Center for Civic Media is hosting the Aaron Swartz hackathon


Based in Brooklyn, one of the first Biohackerspace ever invented- founded in 2009

Paris bioreactor

In Pars few people from the diybio community preparing the futur of nutriments

MIT MediaLab

curation for Joi Ito, Bruce Sterling & Paola Antonelli about synthbio

Open science in Shenzhen's campus

Street Art collage workshop with Tsinghua University and CRI Paris in Shenzen

Biohacking Academy @ WaaG (Amsterdam)

The biohacking Academy is a short introduction to the world of biohacking,

Gambiologists / Gipsy labs / Sao Paolo

Gambiara, or the art of repairing and DIY in the bresilian context

Echopen - Paris

Open echograph build from A to Z all open sources, follow the signal

Sudo Room

Space for any Hackers, Meshnet project and DIY club Mate making

Hackteria / Workshopology

Dusjgar traveler and workshopologist, he also teaches critical design

ZAD Notre Dame des Landes - airport blocus 2009

Action climat camp laboratory ZAD also tinkering with hydrogen motor

Club Maté

Cub maté has a strict rule #NoMarketing. consumed by ravers, punk and hackers

Cuba / technological disobedience

Crafting El paquete semanal, and pirate radio (meshnetwork) in Cuba


Simplon is a school and a social experiment teaching coding skills

Transmediale CTM Music HackLab (Berlin)

Workshops with Music and biofeedbacks in Berlin arty Festival

FSCONS Swedish Hacker conference

Biohacking safari curating workshops and discussion around biohacking

La paillasse Citoyenne

Ghetto methodology of "barcoding" (DNA extraction) of meat from Lasagnas (Beef or horse)

GET Conference (Boston)

GET your Genetic code online...question is who GETs control over you data?

Co-living in a Contener warehouse - Oakland

Oakland artists and activists build a tiny houses prototyping lab out of conteners

TV B-Gone

Turn every TV off a 100 meters away from the DIY remote control
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